NAET Home Treatment

The Gate Points of N.A.E.T
These are the classic acupuncture points that help secure the treatment into the body through the meridians. We use these points in the office during each NAET treatment.
Stimulate these points every two hours (on the odd hour) while awake throughout the 25-hour avoidance period to help keep the treatment on course should you come into contact with the allergen.
These points can also be used at any time for general meridian balancing and grounding.

General Information:
If massaging with your hand, stimulate each of the points for 1 minute
If massaging with an Acu-Stim, stimulate each of the points for 30 seconds
For additional help in finding the acupuncture points, please use Google Image by searching the name of the point listed in steps below

**For self-treatment, complete the following steps while holding the vial(s) you have been given; hold for a total of 20 minutes in order to complete 1 treatment.

** If you are simply re-centering the treatment after accidentally coming into contact with the allergen, then NO vial is needed.

Steps: (fyi: You will be making a clockwise circle on the body)

Recall….you will be massaging each of the acupuncture points listed below for either 30 seconds or 1 minute

  1. Start with right hand; Large Intestine 4
  2. Right wrist crease; Heart 7
  3. Right outside elbow crease; Large Intestine 11
  4. Left outside elbow crease; Large Intestine 11
  5. Left wrist crease; Heart 7
  6. Left hand; Large Intestine 4
  7. Left inside calf; Spleen 6
  8. Top of Left foot; Liver 3
  9. Top of Right Foot; Liver 3
  10. Right inside calf; Spleen 6
  11. Finish where you started; one more time at Right Large Intestine 4

Locating Acupuncture Points:

Large Intestine 4: on the top of the hand; at the high point of when the thumb and index finger are pushed together

Heart 7: in the wrist crease; at the base of the pinky finger

Large Intestine 11: on the outside crease of the elbow

Spleen 6: 3 inches above (and in line with) the inside ankle bone)

Liver 3: on the top of the foot; 2 inches below the web formed by the first and second toes