Nutritional Response Testing

Do you suffer from chronic fatigue, weight gain, bloating, frequent headaches, insomnia, mood swings? Do you find yourself constantly eating junk food or drinking coffee to make it through the day? Do you always wake exhausted?  Are you taking over the counter medicines frequently in order to relieve pain, help you sleep, calm your stomach? If you can answer yes to any one of these questions, Nutritional Response Testing may be your solution. Often times these symptoms can be the result of daily assaults from environmental stressors such as chemicals, heavy metal toxins, foods, immune challenges (bacteria, virus, parasites and yeasts) or even scar tissue.

Using the Nutrition Response Testing Program, we are able to pinpoint the source of the stress on the body, which organ(s) are not working efficiently because of that stress and then determine which nutritional formula resonates with your individual body in order to correct any underlying deficiencies thus improving your health.

Nutritional Response Testing

Our goal is to get to the root of what is bothering your body and to fix it so that your body can work optimally for you. The goal of whole food supplementation is to provide nutrients for the body that are as close as possible to how they are found in nature and supply the body with the fuel on which it was intended to operate.

What are Standard Process Whole Food Nutritional Supplements?

They are whole food nutritional supplements used in conjunction with the Nutritional Response Testing Program that combat everyday environmental stressors that assault our bodies such as chemicals, heavy metal toxins, scar tissue, foods and immune challenges (bacteria, virus, parasites and yeasts).  Whole food nutrients can help our bodies maintain a healthy response to these stressors.

Common Everyday Stressors Include:


-Acetate/tone: nail polish remover, paint thinners and removers

-Chlorine: drinking water, swimming pools

-Dry Cleaning: dry cleaned clothes, solvent for paints

-Food colors & Preservatives: packaged foods

-Fragrances: perfumes, cleaning products

-Plastic Mix: food and water packaging materials

-Petroleum Solvents: laundry and housecleaning detergents

Heavy Metals:

-Aluminum: cookware, aluminum cans, kitchen utensils, dental composites

-Arsenic: dyes, wine, coal burning, seafood (shellfish)

-Chromium: dental crowns, air pollution, dyes

-Copper: beer, swimming pools, dental crowns, copper cookware, inorganic mineral supplements

-Gold: dental fillings, jewelry, injections for arthritis

-Iron: dyes, inks, paints

-Lead: plumbing, car exhaust, canned foods, hair dye, newsprint, tap water

-Nickel: cigarettes, dental crowns

-Silver: dental fillings, jewelry

-Tin: canned foods

Common Allergy-Triggering Foods:

-Grains: wheat, oat, rye

-Dairy: cheese, milk

-Eggs: white, yolk

-Sugars: bleached white, fruit

Immune Challenges:






Scar Tissue That Can Crowd Healing Pathways:

-Surgical/ Injury           



-Tooth Extractions


-Stretch Marks




-Chicken Pox           

Discover just how resilient your body can be when given the proper nutrition with Standard Process Whole Food Nutritional Supplements.

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