Ancient eastern remedy blended with modern-day western know-how and expertise. That’s how I would describe my experience at Stacey Simone Acupuncture. For months I suffered from excruciating upper neck, back and tailbone discomfort. I tried everything. Chiropractors, physical therapists, hydrotherapy, – you name it. Not until I received treatment from Stacey did I find relief. She has a natural ability to put the patient at ease. And that’s saying a lot coming from me, – a man who has been deathly afraid of needles my whole life. I didn’t feel any pain during my acupuncture procedures and within three sessions, my neck and back problems had all but been solved. Thank you, Stacey for making a difference … and doing what you know and love best.

John Maresco

I decided to give acupuncture a try after several years of significant health concerns and multiple surgeries. I went to Stacey as a last resort…contemplating yet another surgery. I was frustrated, confused, and in pain. Stacey listened carefully to my long list of injuries, symptoms, and complaints during our initial consultation. Together, we decided to treat my most painful and current condition first; my shoulder. I had already gone through surgery, physical therapy, cortisone shots, as well as oral medications. Nothing was relieving my pain. Because I had been dealing with this issue for such an extended period of time, Stacey explained in advance that it may take a while for me to see results. To my surprise, after my very first treatment with Stacey, I experienced increased range of motion in my shoulder! I was so motivated to start my journey with Stacey! I was up for the challenge.and so was Stacey!!

Stacey has so much patience, knowledge, and perseverance. Her calming, yet positive energy is contagious! I’ve learned so much from Stacey. Not only do I have better range of motion and decreased pain in my shoulder, but I sleep better, have more energy, and just feel better overall!! I love going for my acupuncture treatments with Stacey. It’s such a welcoming, pleasant, and comfortable environment. Her treatment rooms are relaxing and tranquil. Her receptionist, Nicole, is friendly, accommodating, and so helpful with paperwork and insurance.

I’m so glad that I decided to give Stacey a try… and that I stuck with the treatment plan to see such wonderful results!! My only regret? I didn’t go sooner!!!!

Liz G.

Thank you! My words cannot express enough how your methods of healing have made a significant impact on my wellness. Both mind and body have strengthened with my weekly visits. My lower back has never felt better and my mind’s anxiety has lessened tremendously. That one sunny day back in June 2013 was the beginning of a beautiful and long lasting relationship; full of kindness, warmth and soul. Thank you, to both you and Nicole, for always accommodating, enlightening and embracing. My life is now complete. Namaste.

Lidia Dormier

Stacey Simone Acupuncture is amazing. I was in so much pain from my sinuses and I did not know where to turn. I had been on antibiotics for weeks and still felt horrible. I went to Stacey and she took a thorough health history and went right to work. I left her office feeling terrific and I have not had any sinus symptoms since! I would highly recommend Stacey Simone.

Karen Zdrojeski

I have been seeing Stacey weekly for acupuncture and reiki therapy to help with the side effects of chemotherapy. The treatments help eliminate nausea, neuropathy and fatigue while also increasing my energy and overall feeling of well-being. I notice both an immediate and cumulative benefit. Stacey is a very talented acupuncture therapist. She listens to her patients and tailors therapy to each individual’s needs. There are many conditions that can be helped with acupuncture. I couldn’t recommend a more caring and gifted acupuncturist.


Stacey Simone is a well-versed holistic healer. I have been treated by her for the past year and my sessions have been consistent, relaxing and an overall wonderful experience. Her empathic manner has made my weekly treatments a success. I would highly recommend scheduling a consultation with Stacey to all my family and friends.

Darlene Carbone

I am writing this testimonial so others can benefit from Stacey’s amazing skill and knowledge with acupuncture as I have. I did not realize how much acupuncture could cure until I started seeing Stacey. I came in originally for a torn Meniscus, which felt better without surgery, after 3-4 months with acupuncture. While working on my knee, Stacey was able to help me with chronic headaches which I was getting regularly, anxiety, sleepless nights and anything else which needed attention during our session. Well, I have to say with my treatments, I don’t have to rely on medicine to help relieve pain, just needles! I have had success with getting fewer and less severe headaches, my knee doesn’t throb every time I walk, anxiety is under control and sleepless nights are not a regular occurrence! It truly is amazing what can be accomplished through acupuncture and most of all through the gifted and highly trained specialist, Stacey Simone! Thank you for all your help; you’re the best!